OBL Launches its Payment Gateway in Collaboration with Microsoft Azure Software

Posted on December 25, 2015 Under News

Pairing CompuNet’s in-depth knowledge of the e-commerce world, with our subsidiary company OBL’s unrivaled technological capabilities (utilizing Microsoft’s powerful Azure Software), allows us to provide tangible benefits for your business; including secure cloud-based payment solutions and support.


United Interests

For small enterprises and public sector contractors who want to streamline and enhance their IT capability, OBL is the perfect choice. They are already the leading Israeli IT Gateway provider, thanks largely to their ability to create and maintain new opportunities for their clients, due to their extensive industry and technological know-how. Combined with Microsoft’s ability to provide secure and scalable, end-to-end solutions, you can be sure the OBL is a developer that can truly elevate your business ambitions.

Driving Economic Growth

Our Group are committed to providing a first-rate service, with the sole aim to delivering a competitive advantage for your business. Our experience means we can rapidly deploy, large-scale, sustainable solutions, with specialist tools that enable your business to perform across a variety of e-commerce platforms; designed to deliver an immediate competitive advantage to your business.

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