CompuNet – New Website Release!

Posted on March 23, 2016 Under News

CompuNet Holdings A.A. Ltd. – a global provider of e-commerce payment processing, IT and website development services and back-office management announces the launch of their new website and corporate branding. According to Alon Sergio Elbaz, CompuNet CEO and founder, the new website and branding are geared to align the company’s public image with the Group’s strategic vision for international growth and expansion over the next decade, and beyond.


“I established CompuNet, an Internet Service Provider Corporation, in 1997. Within 2 years we became a leading Israeli pioneer in e-commerce services and web-development.”

“Soon, CompuNet evolved and grew, and we created NetPay, a credit-card processing service provider, and payment facilitator. When CompuNet started out, in 1997, only traditional banking institutions offered this kind of service, and getting approved was extremely difficult for most online merchants. First they needed to print out an order, from the online web-management system, and walked over to their point-of-sale (POS) terminal to complete the transaction using a MOTO (Mail-Order/Tel-Order) transaction.  This involved keying the card-number by hand, and filing the precept – don’t need to tell you how risky it is to have every employee print out credit-card numbers and transaction receipts on a piece of paper that they might forget in their pocket!”

“For many years, I faced stiff competition from the established Israeli credit-card members. Initially, this made it very hard for me to establish a presence in Israel as a Payment Facilitator. However, with my determination and entrepreneurial spirit, combined with strategic insight and foresight, I led our fledgling company through the challenge of overcoming these obstacles.”

“Eventually, my efforts enabled Merchant Services to be marketed and sold on a much broader basis, and I am proud to have played a key-role in the rapid development of the Merchant Service Providing (MSP)/Independent Sales Organization (ISO) industry that exists today.”

“A lot has changed in the e-commerce world since I founded CompuNet, but the principles and philosophy on which I found our company remain unchanged:-

Our customers come first!”

Alon Sergio Elbaz, Owner & CEO

The new CompuNet website offers a clean, modern design, with easy-to-navigate functionality and comprehensive information about the Group, its projects, products, history and media, for the convenience of our clients, and potential clients and investors.

This group website is not intended to replace those of the individual subsidiaries. Its function is to unify our industry-renowned, responsive customer service. Our goal, in launching this new website is to provide a Group access point and online resource for companies and individuals to learn more about our product solutions and provide a useful, informative portal for our customers to get to know CompuNet, our subsidiary companies and products just a little better!

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